Yenda Beer

Yenda. 15 clicks from Griffith.

The Yenda Brewery is located on an original soldier settlement- Farm 1471, Wakley Rd, Yenda. We reckon the original farmers would raise a glass to that. Yenda beer is made with local barley, water from the Snowy mountains and by a few passionate locals and a brewer or two.

The Problem

When Coca-Coal Amatil approached us, Yenda Beer was a new brand of theirs that had no website. They needed a mobile-friendly website that tied in with their branding and appealed to their target market.

The Solution

DesignQ created a new website that was mobile-friendly (responsive) and that represented Yenda Beer in the best light possible.


Yenda Beer
(Coca-Cola Amatil)


Website Design & Development

  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Responsive design
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