The Bodyfit Box

The Bodyfit Box is a specialised functional fitness provider based in Victoria

Smart training means not only meeting the needs of today, but also keeping your body going strong for the long haul. With Functional Bodybuilding, you’ll find workouts that balance movement patterns to avoid overuse injuries, and give you the perfect mix of days to push yourself and days to take it easy and recover.

The Problem

The Bodyfit Box had an outdated website that wasn’t mobile-friendly or user friendly. It was also difficult for the client to manage without having to get a web developer involved.

The Solution

DesignQ created a new website that was both mobile-friendly (responsive) and user friendly, as well as making easy for the client to manage their website and their timetable in particlar.


The Bodyfit Box


Website Design & Development

  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Responsive design
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